Off to a good start…

June 1 rolled around and demolition of the old tower got started. It went faster than anybody expected and the tower was down and hauled away in a single day. We have a good collection of photos of the demolition that we’ll try to get posted here ofer the next week or so. It’s really strange to be driving through the village and see nothing but tree line at that site.

On to current status…  Earth has been moved and concrete has been poured. The good weather since demolition has helped move things along. The foundation is in place already and next-up is construction. Again – photos will be posted soon!

Letter to Water Customers

Cato, N.Y. 13033
Phone: (315)-626-2397
Fax: (315) 626-9993

Dear Water Customers,                                                                               April 30, 2012

The Village Board and I want to bring you up to date on the New Water Tower Project. The Village and the U.S.D.A. Rural Development have accepted the bids that the contractors submitted.  The contractors have been notified and we are on track to start the project on June 1, 2012. Statewide Aquastore will be the General Contractor and Knapp Electric will handle the electrical end of the project. The total cost of the water tower will be $1,280,000 about $125,000 less than our original estimate, not a big difference, but every little bit helps. The estimated cost, per user will be between $36 and $40 per quarter, this will be in addition to your regular water usage.

Once the project is started, there are some things we ask you to keep in mind during
the four months of construction. While the construction is going on, we will NOT have any
water reserve for fire protection. The Fire Departments in the surrounding areas will be on alert during the construction of the water tower. Water for fires will come from ponds and other fire departments. The Cato Fire Department will be in charge of setting up all the details and keeping us safe during this time. Also, all fire hydrants will be OUT OF SERVICE  throughout the construction of the water tower. The water supply will be pumped from Dudley wells and the Village well directly through the water lines.  There will not be a shortage of water for normal use, only large amounts for fighting fires.

The Village will also close Mechanic Street,  East from the cemetery driveway  to
NY Route 370: there will be no thru traffic.  This portion of street will be used as a staging area for equipment and materials during the construction of the water tower.
The Village has a new web site that we will try to keep you up to date on the progress
of construction.

Thank You

Mayor, Carl Lincoln

Village of Cato is an equal opportunity provider, and employer. To file a complaint of discrimination, write to:  Village of Cato, 2564 Millard Ave. Cato, NY 13033 or call (315) 626-2397.